Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Million Years From Now

A Million Years From Now
By Jewel Helm 
(My Grandmother) Aug,1925 - Nov, 2010

A million years from now I won’t be sorry
That I accepted Jesus long ago
For I’ll be singing with the sainted billions
The ones with blood washed garments white as snow

I know that I will be there on that morning
For Satan cannot triumph over me
But with my sword and shield I’ll keep on traveling
Oh pilgrim won’t you come and go with me

A million years from now I’ll look back smiling
At all the heartache here below
For it is worth it all to be with Jesus
For I’ll be on that hallelujah shore

Oh what a glad rejoicing on that morning
When before His blessed face I stand
There’ll be no foolish heartaches there or mourning
No temptations in that distant land

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